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Force Clark County, Nevada to Rescind Action against Pigeons

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On behalf of the pigeons of Clark County, we are extremely upset about the cruelty done to pigeons, as a direct result of the passing of a law against feeding the pigeons. Your law may have been not to feed or shelter them, but many have taken it further and are actively torturing them to death. Since this law was passed, there have been atrocities committed by people against these innocent creatures. There are reports of exterminators strangling them to death and breaking their necks and poisoning by cruel means. Have you ever seen a bird poisoned to death? The poison melts their insides while they are still alive, torturing them. It takes 20 minutes or longer for them to actually die. Aren't these forms of killing and torturing our wildlife illegal, not to mention the prejudice and singling out of pigeons? All of us have been involved in the rescuing and care of pigeons in Clark County and around the country before laws were enacted, by Clark County and others, that create an attitude regarding pigeons, that they are somehow different from other wildlife. We, the loving citizens on behalf of Clark County, Nevada, oppose this barbaric law and want it rescinded. You have endorsed the idea that pigeons are "dirty" and carry disease, so they should be eliminated. Before deciding that pigeons are disease ridden, please do some research. This is a myth. Pigeons are cleaner than most humans. Why not eliminate humans who leave trash all over the ground and the streets and cause fires, not to mention vandalizing, murdering and robbing? Stop supporting them. These are not dirty creatures, but innocent and sweet creatures that are on this planet for us to take care of. The only way to eliminate pigeons is to cut down all the trees and shrubs and get rid of grass and stop humans from throwing their leftover food on the ground. Wouldn't it be better to coexist, the way we did when we were children? Elections are coming up. Do the kind thing! Pigeons, just as other birds do, have the right to be cared for by humans and not mistreated.

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