Make it illegal for EON & Other Utilities to break into customer’s houses & change locks

Make it illegal for EON & Other Utilities to break into customer’s houses & change locks

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Carl Perkins started this petition to Claire Perry MP and

Did you know your gas, electricity or water supplier could break into your home, disable your burglar alarm and change all of the locks to your house, whilst you are away from home visiting friends and family or on holiday abroad? And when you get back you would not be able to gain access without the aid of a costly locksmith, if at all.

In May 2006 I fled my marital home in Liverpool and moved to London, after filing for divorce from my then wife, who had subjected me to years of domestic violence. A few months later, in August 2006, my then wife also vacated the house, leaving it empty.

A week or so later I returned to the property to check on my valuable possessions that were still  being stored there, securing the property by way of installing an alarm system, switching off the gas and electricity at the mains and turning off the water supply.

On returning to my address in London, I notified all of the utility companies concerned that the property was empty/ unoccupied and all was fine for a while. All of my bills were up to date, so I didn’t owe any of them any money.

Every few months I would visit the property if I was staying with friends or family in either Manchester or Liverpool to ensure that the property was secure. 

At some point in about 2008 I was informed by another resident living on the same road in Liverpool that my gas supplier, EON, had broken into the property and informed them that they were changing all the locks. On being informed of this, I phoned EON to establish what the reason was for the break-in and it soon became clear that the sole purpose of the break-in was their misguided belief that somebody was living in the house and using the gas supply illegally (this based on my 11 years work as a FRAUD OFFICER). Obviously on breaking in, they established that I had been telling the truth and nobody was living there. It cost me a great deal in money and time to get a copy of the new keys and on checking the property after regaining access, it was clear that they had done damage to the security of the property in forcing open the front door and disabling the alarm. Obviously I was livid but had been assured during my call to them that their behaviour was lawful and would not be repeated.

At some point between 2009 and 2012 EON broke into the property again. This time they destroyed the alarm system, switched on the water supply (possibly mistaking the lever for the gas supply) causing flooding to the house. They then proceeded to give the new keys (after changing the locks again) to my estranged, violent, wife (video and court papers retained as proof of her being the perpetrator of unprovoked domestic violence against me). Subsequently I was denied access to the property from about 2010 to November 2018.

Additionally all of my valuables (worth a substantial amount and stored in the basement where the gas meter is situated) mysteriously vanished immediately after their second break-in at the property by EON and obviously there has been serious damage done to the property.

I didn’t have the money to deal with their disgusting behaviour because I was in and out of court dealing with false accusations of domestic violence made against me and proving (successfully) that my then wife had inflicted domestic violence on me. There is no doubt that the behaviour of EON in violently breaking into my property on two occasions without good cause, thereby denying me access to my own house by changing locks and effectively transferring charge of the house to my violent ex-partner, has contributed to the domestic violence  and trauma I have suffered. I have no doubt that any warrant EON has obtained to break-in (they have refused to tell me the reason for the break-in or give me any paperwork relating to or supporting their reason for their break-ins) would have been obtained via perjury.

I believe I was targeted by EON staff after the first break-in due to the valuables they became aware of being stored in my house. Clearly any finding from the first break-in of the gas being switched off at the mains, would have made the second break-in unnecessary and an absolutely disgusting criminal abuse of power, even if the first break-in could be justified.

This behaviour needs to be outlawed and I need to receive some sort of redress from EON. Even now I’m being harassed by EON as I’ve not yet moved back into the house as it needs work doing to it as a result of the damage they’ve played a part in doing to the house. Yet they are sending unnecessary letters to the property, knowing that I’m not living there (despite having my email address) so that I can’t respond to the posted letters in time. Obviously it is their intention to break in and change the locks again during any period that it’s empty as a vindictive act and to cause me additional problems, due to my ongoing complaint against them.

I am a single-parent father of a 5 year old disabled child and need to feel safe in my own home. I do not have the time, energy or money for EON’s vindictive, violent and criminal games and don’t want to have to do anything drastic to bring this EON criminality to an end. 

We need to campaign to get the government to change the law, in order to stop this immoral behaviour from bringing misery to vulnerable families up and down the country, at the hands of utility companies like EON.

Please help me to stop this unethical practice from continuing, which provides opportunities for criminal elements within utilities companies to steal from and cause vandalism to the homes of innocent, hard working families.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!