Stop Clackmannanshire council from closing the Alloa Leisure Bowl

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A notice of closure to Alloa Leisure Bowl has been proposed by Clackmannanshire Council.

The Leisure Bowl serves a wide community of all ages and abilities. The Leisure facility is vital to their physical and mental wellbeing and put less strain on an already overstretched NHS. 

The facility offers a full pool and exercise programme, in addition it offers bowling all year round and a full catering operation. 

If the leisure bowl was allowed to close jt would be a disaster for the community. 

Did you know?

Drowning is the 3rd highest cause of accidental death of children in the UK

Shockingly, more people drowned in the UK last year than in a fire related or drink driving incident.

The Leisure Bowl provides a social aspect for the elderly aswell as fitness classes such as: water aerobics, salsa classes, spin classes, bowling and swimming lessons to encourage mobility and confidence. It teach around 500 children each week an important life saving skill which the council are happy to stop however will fund skiing lesson. The bowl has so much to offer and give to the community all under one roof that is accessible to all.

If this was to close the health and wellbeing of those in the community would deteriorate.

Clackmannshire is a deprived area as is and this would only make it worse!