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Traffic lights for the safety of children at Murray Street and Reaume Street, Wallaceburg

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Removing two stop signs at a busy intersection close to Holy Family Elementary School has resulted in unnecessary accidents 4 hours later and endangering many children crossing the intersection. For many years there has always been an all-way stop and a crossing guard to help children safely across the street. Last year the crossing guard was replaced with a cross walk where there are two little blinking lights on each post on the side of the road that alert drivers when someone is crossing. The problem is that vehicles are no longer required to stop at this intersection providing a now higher risk factor that the blinking lights at the side of the intersection will be missed when drivers are looking 10 seconds straight ahead at 50 km/h. It might have been clear when they approached the intersection but all it takes is one eager child who doesn't understand this. Not to even mention the back up of traffic now on Reaume where there is a slew of town houses and housing to get to Walmart or the gas station. This causes vehicles to be impatient waiting for 15-20 minutes to turn on Murray Street and to forget to recheck the intersection upon approaching. Also on Reaume Street the blinking lights are not visible for the cross walk, there is only a stop sign. 

By aaron on September 1, 2017 Current News, Featured Stories was written this statements as per reasoning for the change;

In the spring of 2016, Ceppi said municipal staff visited the Murray Street and Reaume Avenue intersection and conducted traffic counts.

“The result was that the pedestrian crossover was warranted for this intersection but the all way stop was not,” Ceppi said.

“We can’t run both, so the decision was made to install the pedestrian crossover and remove the all way stop.”

The all-way stop did have 6 different directions occurring, if efficiency is our goal then remove everything and replace it with traffic lights that lower risk factor of Pedestrians getting hurt which could potentially kill a human life, a child's life at 50 km/h would be appropriate. Why wasn't traffic lights considered? Was there not enough funds? Does the human life mean so little? The municipality actually increased the rate of accidents at this intersection so vehicles could leave Wallaceburg quicker? Does any of this make sense? Wallaceburg and Chatham-Kent are no strangers to previous children being hit crossing the street, it is our responsibility to protect them and not raising risk factors for collusions due to efficiency! 

Why are we risking our children's lives for efficiency on traffic control? The community of Wallaceburg and Chatham-Kent need to protect our children! This petition is for a proposal of actual traffic lights at the intersection of Murray Street and Reaume Street! 


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