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my fiancè/sons father was detained without reason while bbqing at a park on 12th and Yarnel in Chester Township, he was here visiting his family/friends & they decided to cook on the grill. He was arrested with 7 other men, held for 6 hours, chained together. Upon their release they were told they were arrested for "public drinking" & were issued citations. They were absolutely NOT drinking, but the police said there was an old empty beer can in the trash so, they arrested him. I've included a link to the recording of this incident, where you can clearly see NO alcohol, no loud music...NOTHING but 5 or 6 police officers. After this incident, my fiancè, David, filed many complaints and a lawsuit. Shortly after, a warrant must've been issued for his arrest because we got pulled over in Luzerne county (where we live) on a traffic stop & he was detained because they said he had a warrant, of course we were very confused. As David waited 6 days at Luzerne County, he had posted ten percent of the $15,000 bail, but when the bails bondsman came to retrieve him, it was said that Delaware County had come and transported him to George W Hill Correctional Facility. April 18, 2018 David family had went to pick him up from George W Hill after being notified of this, however, it was said that David had been released from their custody at around 9pm. That was untrue, and after 3 days, great stress and search, it was found that David was actually still in intake- having not showered or defecated for days, been able to receive commissary because his inmate # never worked (he, as well as myself & his mother made the jail aware of this but to no avail) or contact anyone, he was left sleeping on the floor and urinating in milk cartons due to this along with about 30 other men in one holding cell. He wasn't even convicted of a crime yet was subjected to being treated inhumanely, although this is against the 8th amendment right. On May 9, 2018 David’s family and the bails bondsman were notified that David was being released after being court ordered by Brookhaven Municipal Court, but to our dismay that was not the case and David was instead transferred to Gratorford State Correctional Institution due to his Parole Officer in Wilkes Barres placing a detainer on him while he was imprisoned, weeks after his imprisonment and AFTER bail was paid and After his p.o said for David to just come see him in the office upon posting bail & being released. Yes, David is on parole, However, he is off in 2020 & has NEVER violated his parole, he made a mistake when he was 18 & served 6 years in prison for it. He came out and went to college, got a job and after a year, decided to move out of Chester. He moved to Luzerne County, transferred schools, got a job as asst manager & got a house & started a family. He turned his life around. Sadly, due to the deatiner, he is still incarcerated. The police LIED in their affidavit of probable cause, saying he used my cell phone on 9.28.17 to make a call to a city official & that is untrue, as I was not in Chester, I was home in luzerne county, super pregnant with our son. He never used my phone but I guess they were just trying to make a case. They said they were building the case off of an incident that occured 9.27.17 but didn't state what the incident was, of course they wouldn't! They are saying he recorded her without consent, which is a lie as well. David is currently awaiting his preliminary hearing scheduled for May 31st 2018 for allegedly recording a call for information pertaining to his illegal detainment that occurred on Sept 27, 2017. I have not heard from David since May 9, 2018. Since he's been in SCI Graterford, he has not called, he wrote me telling me he has no pin for phone calls. I called the facility and they told me he now has a pin but can't call because his call list is 10 years old! I feel all this is being done to him to prevent him from filing a lawsuit & to prevent him from bringing light to what the police did in the park that day. The lawsuit has been sent back to me several times, they are just draaggiinngg it out, we paid the $400 filing fee, and they accepted it finally. None of this would be happening had they not unlawfully detained him in that park. His right to peacefully assemble was violated, he was harrassed & detained, and when he complained, charges were brought against him. At his preliminary hearing on 5.31.18, the judge presiding over the case is the same judge he is suing. The judge said all the evidence is circumstantial and that they have no actual proof of anything but rather than dismiss, they are proceeding with the case!! This is clearly a VINDICTIVE PROSECUTION. This is NOT the America my father served 25 years protecting. This behavior from police is NOT what we pay taxes for. Every lawyer I spoke to said this is a vindictive prosecution and that is NOT the justice system our forefathers set in place when they wrote the constitution. Please help me. My son deserves to have his father home. I need my soon to be husband here with us, as he is a provider for our family. He's missing class (he studies engineering). He's missing his son grow and he did nothing wrong except tell the police that they were wrong.

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