Protect the animals at The Haven from the distress caused by helicopter pilot.

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The Haven is a convalescence and rehab centre that offers a tranquil safe peaceful space for horses to recover from trauma or injury. They, in turn, offer a model for Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy which has been instrumental in assisting children, adults, and servicemen & women to overcome issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression. As a result, participants have experienced greater confidence, higher self-esteem and lower levels of anxiety.

At present, the work at The Haven is under threat due to the actions of a businessman who does not live locally, and who has chosen to land his helicopter on an adjacent field despite suitable alternatives being available and which have been used successfully in the past. This has resulted so far in the injury of 5 horses who have reacted fearfully and are now receiving veterinary treatment. As a consequence, until this matter is resolved safely our services can no longer continue. The police, mountain rescue, air ambulance and other air-based services all act with respect and knowing it is an equestrian facility, avoid flying close by. They have also visited The Haven to discuss the best flight paths which we felt was incredibly considerate and greatly appreciated.

We have written numerous letters to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) who have ignored our requests for action to be taken. Mr Illingworth has also chosen not to cooperate despite knowing the health and safety risks this poses for both the horses, our service users and the general public. The landowners, who both live in the south of the country, will not rescind permission to land.

Any of the above parties can positively affect this situation without causing a problem to any other.

We operate a policy of non-force and would greatly appreciate the support of the wider community who may care not just about the animals affected but all those who may benefit from our continued services. If we cannot resolve this, The Haven's future is under threat.

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