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Help Keep Dr. Porkchop With His Family. Help Change Eunice New Mexico's Animal Ordinance

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We have been given 10 days to relocate our pet mini pig Dr. Porkchop due to outdated city ordinances that do not recognize mini pigs as pets and classify them as livestock. Dr. Porkchop is a Potbelly/Juliana pig. He is more comparable to an English bulldog in size than a commercial farm pig. Eunice allows horses and chickens within city limits with a limit on the amount of each kind. I propose the same regulations for mini pigs. Dr. Porkchop is an intelligent member of our family. He can follow commands such as "sit pretty" "turn" in a circle, "up" and "no." He is harnessed trained and walks on a leash. He knows his name and nicknames. He absolutely has to be tucked into bed at night and loves to steal blankets. He is potty trained for outside only and never has accidents inside the house. He goes for car rides and has even visited the school with his human sister to educate her class about pet pigs. When his piggy brother Baloo steals his blankets he runs to tattle and will grunt and pace until mom the referee gets them back. He is quiet compared to dogs barking and will usually just lounge in the backyard during warm days sunbathing. Pigs create bonds with their family. When i took Baloo in he was about two yrs old. He cried for a week with actual tears for the family he used to have. I can't imagine putting Porkchop through that, nor Baloo through that again as well. Please help me get the support I need to keep these guys with their family.

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