Recognize Eid as a School Holiday in City of Yonkers

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Our mission is to increase the inclusivity of all major holidays that the Yonkers Board of Education recognizes as deserving a day off of school in observance. We strongly believe that large population of Muslims in Yonkers hold the right to not be faced with the conflict of choosing between celebrating their primary holiday, Eid, and attending school. Islamic Holidays are as important as Christmas and Easter are for all the different denominations of the Christian faith, as Passover is for the different denominations of the Jewish faith and as important as Memorial Day, independence Day, Labor Day and etc. This is a Beautiful and Wonderful country that is based on Religious freedom from the time the Mayflower left from England back in September 1620 to the times when Ellis Island became the door to America for immigrants in 1892.

This is the reason for the Petition to be signed by everyone that believes in Equal Religious rights and to be recognized for all our children in Yonkers Public Schools .