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Maintain "Residential 1" Zoning at 96 St. Mary's Road. Keep Norwood Flats residential.

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Norwood Flats is a beautiful multi-generational neighbourhood nestled along the Red River and in walking distance to The Forks, downtown, numerous small businesses, and amenities. Despite the busy road that marks off one side of its boundary - St. Mary's - it maintains a calm atmosphere that you might find at a cabin. The houses that remain along St. Mary's Road signal to non-residents that they are entering a residential neighbourhood. Pursuing re-zoning of these houses from residential to commercial represents an erosion to the neighbourhood that is not fully supported.

Full of well-loved and well-maintained homes, Norwood Flats is known not only for its gorgeous canopy of elm trees, active community centre, and Lyndale Drive walkway; it is known for being family-friendly and families first. This is evidenced by the numerous adults who were raised as children in the neighbourhood and have chosen to settle here and raise their own children.

The houses that remain down St. Mary's Road not only signal entry into this unique residential neighbourhood, but are also an essential part of maintaining the characteristics that Norwood Flats is known, respected and highly sought after for as a place to live.

The house under consideration for re-zoning was built in 1927 by David Campbell, Mayor of St. Boniface. It was built in the Spanish Colonial Revival Style, a residential design that Mr. Campbell was attracted to after a trip to San Diego. He built several other properties in Norwood Flats in this style and 96 St. Mary's Road is a very fine example of this design. It is architecturally beautiful and a recognizable landmark in the neighbourhood. Demolishing this house for commercial purposes and re-zoning the property to support commercial development, regardless of the type of development under consideration, represents many losses for our community:

Increased Traffic and Congestion
Norwood Flats has only a few entry/exit points, which are already congested especially at high traffic times. Adding more commercial properties at these important intersections will exacerbate an existing problem for our community.

Increase in Non-Resident Vehicles and Parking in the Neighbourhood 
Norwood Flats is already being unfairly utilized as a daytime parking lot by many people who park on our streets and walk to their nearby work locations. With an increase in commercial properties and parking lots, our community will suffer from an even greater influx of non-residents into our community resulting in "stranger danger" for our children and increased parking pressures for the families who live here.

Increased Noise and Pollution
More traffic and vehicles in a residential community results in more noise and pollution for those who live here.

Reduction in Property Values for Adjacent Homes
96 St. Mary's Road is situated within a block that is currently 100% residential. Out of respect and consideration for the families living on this block, developers with commercial interests should seek locations alongside other businesses rather than invading residential spaces.

Threats to Child Safety
To avoid the busy and dangerous sidewalk on St. Mary's Road, many pedestrians and cyclists, many of whom are children, use the back lane to move through this stretch of the neighbourhood. An increase in vehicles and, in particular, the proposed parking lot adjacent to the back lane at 96 St. Mary's Road, poses danger to the many children who use this route to safely get from their homes to schools and parks.

Potential for Zoning Changes to move further into Norwood Flats 
When we permit commercial properties to invade residential streets, we create a "slippery slope" for the potential for zoning changes to move further into the neighbourhood and erode its size and diminish its beauty.

Winnipeg is known and respected for being an urban centre that protects and brings awareness to its older buildings instead of demolishing them. We request that the City of Winnipeg applies this long-term, visionary approach to 96 St. Mary's Road instead of approving a commercial development that could negatively impact the community in the short and long-term.

The individuals who have signed this petition are either current or past residents of Norwood Flats or concerned citizens. All request that 96 St. Mary's Road remains a "Residential 1" property.

We thank you for your consideration and hope you decide to invest in maintaining the long-term integrity of Norwood Flats - a true residential gem in the heart of the City of Winnipeg.

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