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Help to stop the gassing and killing of gophers in public parks!

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I decided to start this campaign today shortly after I heard on the news about the gassing and killing of Gophers throughout the public parks of Winnipeg and Manitoba, which both extremely upset and enraged me.

These Gophers are being exterminated for nothing more than their nature, they dig holes and access tunnels to reach their nests safely, no different than you or I driving home, except they do not have the luxury of having pre-established routes, they must make their own. They do not go out of their way to inconvenience us, they aren't trying to be in the way, in fact they are attempting the exact opposite of being in our way, but due to some of their holes locations being deemed "inconvenient", they are all put too death. Gassed while feeling safe in their homes, not bothering a soul.

Stopping the inhumane and unjust gassing of these innocent creatures will not solve the "problems" or "inconveniences" we have with their holes, but it will save the lives of hundreds of innocent Gophers that are doing nothing more than fulfilling their purpose on this earth, as we do our own.

Would you rather watch your step while walking atop their homes, and still get to see that adorable Gopher poke his head up to say hello on a summers day that brings joy to so many, or would you rather sit back and see hundreds of innocent creatures killed in the name of "convenience"?.I feel as though every Gopher deserves the right to live out their lives, without being eradicated for no greater reason than their natural instincts.

I sincerely hope enough of you feel the same way I do and sign this petition for me to deliver to the city of Winnipeg. Together we can save the loves of hundred of Gophers, and protect the natural wildlife that makes Canada the most beautiful country in the world, thank you.

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