NO to unfair deals with developers, YES to fair public consultation

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NO to unfair deals with developers, YES to fair public consultation

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Community Association of New Yaletown started this petition to City of Vancouver

Dear Mayor Robertson, Members of City Council and City Planners

Attn: David Autiero, Project Facilitation Group and Karen Hoese, Senior Rezoning Planner

I am writing to ask you to turn down the development permit application for 1099 Richards (April 7, 2015) as well as the rezoning for 508 Helmcken (April 14, 2015) as proposed in the Downtown South neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Judge Mark McEwan ruled that the public hearing and the development permit processes were flawed and that the City must include the public in a fair and open process.  Rather than listening and working with the community, the City has instead chosen to redefine social housing to allow market units to count as social housing and to allow unlimited density increases based on these false counts bypassing the rezoning process and eliminating the requirement for public input.

I ask that the City respect the public input and for the 1099 Richards and 508 Helmcken projects to be considered together.  The community amenity being offered for an extraordinary density increase at 508 Helmcken is even more density at 1099 Richards for market rental.

When Mayor Robertson made an apology to citizens before the election, I believe it was referring to the council’s development decisions.  Please reaffirm your commitment to public consultation by working with the neighbourhood and the 127 Society to find a solution that fits for all.

Here are the reasons the proposed developments do not work:

1099 Richards

- The proposed building is too big and too dense for the site, and would be a non-conforming third tower on the block. 

- It exceeds the FSR 5.0 limit set out by the Downtown Official Development Plan (DODP) for social housing in our neighbourhood.

 508 Helmcken

- The proposed 36 storey tower is too tall and too dense for the site, and it violates numerous provisions of the Downtown Official Development Plan (DODP) 

The combined impact of these two buildings is way too large for the neighbourhood and must be considered together as per the court ruling.  Any leniency granted because they are “social housing” should be the absolute minimum as they don’t add true social housing as defined by CMHC and accepted Canada-wide.

I ask that the City keep its promise and duty to fair public consultation and work the community to find a solution that works for neighbours and keeps the Jubilee House residents in their neighbourhood.  Vote NO to the 1099 Richards development permit and the 508 Helmcken rezoning as proposed, and set a meeting with the neighbourhood to start looking for real solutions.

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This petition had 395 supporters

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