Switch To Silent Fireworks to Reduce Anxiety In Animals

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Several times a year, our animals get terrified of the loud noises associated with fireworks. 

Animal behaviour experts agree that loud bangs - like those from fireworks - are especially troublesome in pets. Fear and anxiety are very harmful to them; their nervous system becomes overwhelmed and compromised. Rapid heart rate, pupil dilation, shallow breathing, increased blood pressure, nausea and panic attacks are just some of the symptoms animals show when they hear loud noises. 

Recently, Collecchio, a small town in the province of Parma, Italy, switched to using silent fireworks. They decided that the welfare of its domestic pets and wildlife is more important than the banging and booming noises that accompany fireworks.

Legislation was passed by their local government that requires all events, both public and private, to use silent fireworks, for the good of the community, including the animal population. 

Individuals who have autism, PTSD or FASD are also extremely sensitive to loud noises. Please think of them if you're not an animal lover. 

Silent fireworks don't take away from the beauty of the fireworks, and the result is that it won't turn turn animals into a nervous wreck; some animals take days to recover. Pet owners have resorted to spending additional monies on medications and vet bills to help their animals cope. 

Awareness in Europe and cities in the United States is growing. 

My hope is that the City of Thunder Bay and other responsible organizations will follow these growing efforts. I would be proud if Thunder Bay would take that lead. 

Thank you.