Save Northwest Park's forest - no more dead trees in Tally

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We petition the City to abandon plans to deforest Northwest Park and maintain the area as a nature park.  Please sign this petition to keep the city from cutting down the forest in Northwest Park to save the wildlife and natural area in our community!  We propose making more trails to increase access for nature recreation as an alternative to cutting down trees for more ball fields.

Northwest Park is a beautiful 77 acre forest park in Tallahassee and is home to many animals.  It is a peaceful place to hike, run, bike, picnic, and bird-watch.  This area is a Public Conservation Land according to the Florida Natural Areas Inventory.  The city has plans to cut down the forest of this conservation land to put in sports fields, even though the county has just made ball fields within walking distance at Fred George Park.  This park has foxes, deer, owls, a variety of snakes and turtles, hawks, turkeys, egrets, ibis, coots, and so much more!  This park is a neighborhood gem and offers the community a tranquil area in nature for both recreation and relaxation.  Cutting down the forest to build ball fields would not only duplicate the work of the county but destroy the homes of various animals and take away the opportunity for our community to witness nature in our own neighborhoods.