Sufficient Parking for Motorbikes on Harris St, Pyrmont

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We call upon The City of Sydney to provide additional untimed motorbike parking outside 100 Harris Street in Pyrmont. The motorbike parking currently provided is hugely insufficient and has been largely taken up by vehicles that aren't moved for long periods of time rendering it useless to the workers in the area. 

For every car space approximately 8-10 bikes can park which helps to reduce the congestion on Sydney's roads and within the Pyrmont community. This is in line with the City of Sydney's target to reduce cars from the city's roads. It will also help to reduce the amount of harmful emissions from cars and ease the strain on car parking spaces

Considering the large amount of office space recently opened and still in development around 100 Harris Street it is necessary to accomodate a much larger community of workers and their transport needs. 



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