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Make jaywalking legal unless it obstructs vehicular movement

Jaywalking is an expensive, low priority offense. And, it has resulted in direct conflict between officers and the general public. The Seattle Times published "Auditors have cited concerns with Seattle police jaywalking stops" in June 2010 after a jaywalking stop resulted in an officer punching a 17 year old girl. The story begins, "Auditors who oversee complaints against Seattle police officers have repeatedly expressed concerns about jaywalking stops and minor street confrontations that escalate into physical altercations..."

It may be a question of priorities, intention and trust.

Walking Seattle published "Should jaywalking laws change?" in August 2011: "Waiting for light signals adds up to a lot of wasted time and reduces the efficiency of walking compared to other modes of transportation. This seems to conflict with the goal of the city’s Walk, Bike, Ride program to make walking one of the easiest ways to get around." Adding, "For what it’s worth, only 1 of 4 city council members who participated in our Q&A clearly denied ever jaywalking."

In September 2011, Seattle Pulp shared this, "And believe it or not, jaywalking is way more illegal than nudity. Seriously."

Some things just don't make sense. Jaywalking fines is one of them. Let's fix this right away.

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