Demand a Public Forum for City Council Position 8 Applicants

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Demand a Public Forum for City Council Position 8 Applicants

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Transparent Seattle started this petition to City of Seattle and

In light of our city going through two mayoral transitions in less than a week, our city deserves a thorough and inclusive city council selection process.

Transparent Seattle’s main concern is the role the appointee will have on decisions concerning the city’s proposed budget this fall. 

The newly appointed Mayor of Seattle Tim Burgess will propose the Mayor's budget to City Council on Monday, September 25th. Budget decisions will impact funding of the North Seattle precinct future, development, education, affordable housing, transit, and policing. The public has had no access to the proposed budget and the person appointed to Council to replace Mayor Burgess must vote on this budget. 

Sign the petition and join Transparent Seattle in demanding

  • A properly publicized appointment process for the vacant City Council seat that allows time for individuals to apply, as a rushed process closes opportunity for community response
  • A Transparent Seattle public forum hosted by the City, so Seattleites have the chance to meet and ask questions of potential appointees
  • An open City Council meeting with a public comment period after the forum, so Seattleites can voice - on record - their thoughts and concerns for the appointees

If democracy is to guide our city, the people of this city MUST have their interests and voices represented in this process for selecting the politicians who shape our city. Seattle deserves to know the individuals applying for this appointment. Too much is on the line to rush the processes, especially when so many in our communities feel uncertain of our city’s future.

Contact your councilmembers and demand they hold a public forum!

District 1: Lisa Herbold

District 2: Bruce Harrell

District 3: Kshama Sawant

District 4: Rob Johnson

District 5: Debora Juarez

District 6: Mike O’Brien

District 7: Sally Bagshaw

Position 8: Tim Burgess

Position 9: Lorena Gonzalez

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This petition had 356 supporters