Allow temporary features in Saskatoon's off leash dog park (near Silverwood Golf Course)

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Saskatoon is a city that actively promotes winter activity, yet it seems that no matter where rideable features are set up for snowboarding (or skiing), the city tends to quash, or outright dismantle the development.  

We have spent the last 10 days moving truck loads of snow using wheel barrows and shovels to develop a spot we call Big Child (aka The Throat).  Big Child is located at Saskatoon's North Industrial river front ravine (between the newly constructed Chief Mistawasis Bridge and the Silverwood Golf Course).  The area creates an opportunity for Saskatoon to facilitate healthy winter activity, while introducing new energy into a positive and discursive atmosphere.  The features that were put in place were created with a walkable area on one side about 4' wide to reduce any conflict between walking space and riding space and would remain in place until the opening of Optimist Hill (projected for mid to late January).

If you would like to see the continued development of this temporary snowboard park, please sign our petition.  We will be meeting with the City of Saskatoon Parks Department as early as next week and will need all the help we can get.  Thank you for your support!