Bring Sonic Gigabit Fiber Internet service to Coffey Park

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When the Tubbs Fire decimated Coffey Park in October, more than just homes were destroyed. Phone and cable lines were also damaged and must now be replaced. Unfortunately, as of today there are no plans for Sonoma County's own to lay Fiber Optic cable in Coffey Park--infrastructure that would bring Gigabit Internet service to our neighborhoods.

Sonic's Dane Jasper says his company is ready to provide this service, but he needs the City of Santa Rosa and County of Sonoma to adopt a "dig once policy" in its upcoming trenching project. This policy would allow companies like Sonic to provide the infrastructure needed to provide our neighborhoods with Gigabit Internet service.

According to Dane: "The two incumbents (AT&T and Comcast) got to be in the joint trench for free, when the subdivision is developed. And now that it is being re-built, they get insurance coverage to pay for their re-build. Sonic cannot join without taking 25% of the cost of the entire utility re-build, and we have no insurance to tap to cover this.

The fix is for the City and County to put into place a dig once policy, meaning the municipality would then have conduit added to the trench while it is open. There's little additional cost to add a pipe while the ground is open, and then the municipality can decide who can use that conduit in the future.

This type of dig once policy in Brentwood has led to 11,000 homes now fiber connected by Sonic, with gigabit service."

For those unfamiliar, Gigabit Internet provides speeds that are 10x faster than Cable Internet speeds currently available in Coffey Park--and Gigabit service is often cheaper than Cable service. Sonic has a great page up explaining the benefits of this speed here:

Sonic is one of California's best Gigabit provides--and they're headquartered right here in Santa Rosa. They're already providing Gigabit Internet service to neighborhoods and business regions in Sonoma County, but are only able to do so after trenching and laying Fiber Optic cable. If residents in Coffey Park want access to this service, we must act.

I'm taking this matter to the Santa Rosa City Council and Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. I'd love your help! Support this effort via this petition to show our local municipalities and government officials that we want to bring Gigabit Internet services to Coffey Park while the trenches are open. The time to get this done is now!

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