Continue the "La Entrada" tradition in Santa Fe!

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Santa Fe, NM is the oldest capital city in the United States. Santa Fe has many rich cultural traditions and celebrations that reach back in time centuries, one of which is "La Entrada". The Entrada celebrates and re-enacts the peaceful re-entry of conquistador Don Diego de Vargas into Santa Fe after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. It is a core of the yearly fall fiestas celebration. Recently the city counsel of Santa Fe sealed themselves away from public eyes and discussion to meet privately behind closed doors. They determined to do away with the "Entrada" tradition because it seemed (more recently) to offend some people. This tradition generally has been accepted, celebrated and even loved by the overwhelming majority of locals including the various indigenous peoples that have been here for generations. If this tradition can be removed because of the loud voice of a few, no local tradition or past heros are any longer safe. Most of history is a mixed perspective of good and bad and anything can be construed as offensive by some. If we are to learn from history, we must not erase it because some parts offend a few. Please sign this petition to send the message to the City of Santa Fe that they made the wrong choice.