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Don't bring crime, drugs and disturbance to our 'hood

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We want to help rehabilitate the homeless. We support using part of our taxpayer dollars to achieve that and laud the efforts of our elected officials towards that goal. But we cannot accept increased crime, drug use, disturbance and disorder near our homes[1] and children's schools[2]. Homeless shelters have those effects on a neighborhood. It is unfortunate but it is true [3].

Please don't make a homeless shelter within 5 miles of residential neighborhoods and schools. Let us help the homeless in another way; a way that does not threaten our safety, bring drugs to our children's schools and erode our property values.


[1] Proposed shelter locations in District 2 are too close to quiet residential neighborhoods.

[2] Several schools (Ledesma, Baldwin, Bernal, Stratford, Los Paseos, Valley Christian) are too close to proposed shelter locations. List of all schools in D2:

[3] "Even though there's no rule that homeless shelters are usually accompanied by higher rates of crime, shelters do certainly attract motley groups of people, necessitate emergency calls, and require more police in otherwise quiet, safe neighborhoods",

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