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City of Roseville - Stop the sale of pets bought from breeders in pet stores

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The City of Roseville is currently home to at least one pet store (Har Mar Pet Shop) that sells animals purchased from breeders.  This pet store has been under scrutiny since a USDA inspection found sick puppies, dead rotting animals, and animals in need of medical care, suffering.

We believe that the City of Roseville should adopt the Humane Society's model city code which prohibits the sale of animals obtained from breeders.  Rather, it encourages adoptable animals to be rescue animals, and for pet stores to work with local rescues to place animals in need of homes.

Minnesota is a leader in rescue-based adoptions, and we feel that our cities should set an example against puppy mills and for-profit breeders, and continue to be a model for other states and cities around the country with their support of local rescues.  

Help us communicate to the City Council the public's passion for this topic and the desire to serve the interests of companion animals in Roseville.

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