Petition Closed
Petitioning City of Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards and 8 others

City of Rochester and City Council: Vote against eliminating the RPD's Mounted Police Unit

The City of Rochester Mounted Patrol has been a part of Rochester since the 1800's along with everything else that is degrading Rochester the City now wants to eliminate a valuable asset. This recommendation is based on only 100 residents of the city that attended a VOC (Voice of the City )meeting and 32 individuals who took an online survey. See Facebook page Save Our Rochester Mounted Patrol for more information.

Letter to
City of Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards
City of Rochester Council President Lovely A. Warren
Councilwoman Carolee Conklin
and 6 others
Councilman Matt Haag
Council Dana Miller
Council Jacklyn Ortiz
council Loretta Scott
Council Adam McFadden
Council Carla Palumbo
We are signing this petition in hopes that you will consider keeping the City's Mounted Patrol Unit in the 2014 budget plan. Not only is the RPD's Mounted Patrol an asset to the community , it is also part of the solution in controlling the violence our City is experiencing.
Lastly, the Mounted Patrol is not a luxury in the eyes of the City and Counties' residents. It is vital part of the City's history . A history that along with other things in the City are slowly disappearing before our eyes and our children's eyes.