Stop killing wild hares in Regina

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A news story was released today about the City of Regina’s efforts to cull the wild hare population in Regina’s Harbour Landing. Their reasoning is that a “growing rabbit population” is causing damage to city property like trees. The city spokesperson advises in the news story that the city has other methods to use, (besides trapping and killing), such as wrapping tree trunks. He does not say why these other methods are not satisfactory. The story goes on to say that the city has already put out live traps but no hares have been caught this year. Last year, 27 hares were captured in these traps, with 10 being released and 17 being killed. Why is it necessary to kill any of them? And how are they killed? The story says only that captured hares are “put down in a remote location”. That is not transparent and accountable. Why and how are they put down? Are they euthanized humanely? Why is a remote location necessary? There are simply not enough details prvoided by the city. Temperatures have been in the minus 30’s in Regina - no animals captured in the city’s live traps should be exposed to this kind of weather and incapable of finding food and shelter while stuck in these traps. There are too many problems with this program. Tell the city to use tree trunk wrapping and any other humane methods of dealing with tree damage instead of trapping and killing hares.