Stop bylaw amendments allowing a permanent Safe Consumption Site on 54th ave in the Railyards

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The addition of a SIS ( safe injection site) or SCS (safe consumption site ) will adversely put youth at risk of exposure to potentially dangerous situations and drugs.The SIS or SCS is a location used by addicts to inject or consume previously obtained drugs in a controlled environment.Currently there is three Non Profit Organization's that have youth programs and work with youth on a weekly basis all of these are with in a one block radius of the proposed site the closest location's being under 15 meters there is also two locally owned small businesses ( children's clothing store right across the street and a fitness training center right behind ) that also have children and youth through their doors often .This neighborhood has already felt a major impact from the current facilities in the area that offer services such as a detox center, temporary Safe Injection Site , shelter service and a daytime warming center.Our neighborhood has dealt with everything from harassment by the patrons of these facilities to a major increase in needle/drug debris.If this land use bylaw is passed it will without question seal the fate of at least one of these Non Profit Organizations and put children and youth in harms way .