No Missy Elliot Statue

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There has been major broadcasting of a petition to remove the confederate monument in downtown Portsmouth Virginia with the replacement of Missy Elliott. Missy is a very successful rapper and producer from the city of Portsmouth, the city who believed in her and help her to get where she is now! We always support her and always loved her music and talented visuals through her art. 

Here's the problem, MISSY ELIOTT does nothing to better our community, her hometown. She has been an influence to many but she do not deserve a statue in our city. I'll point out a few key points. Knowing she is an inspiration to the youth in hip hop and dance from her hometown, why not hold your dance tryouts for your videos here in your own hometown? Instead she goes to GA/ATL to gather up the youth and give them opportunities to live their dream. What about your hometown? The people who believed in you!! She does nothing for the city!! How many talent shows or performances has she done in her hometown to help bring the city together and keep our youth from becoming criminals? None! How many of our youth have she mentored or spoken to in reference to keeping them positive and/or productive? NONE!! How many fundraisers or charity events has she help in her hometown? NONE!! 

So a statue of her for what? To replace a confederate monument.. I'm sure majority of the city of Portsmouth agrees!!

Why not a statue of kids of different races holding hands getting along?!! Wouldn't that be smart? We're trying to end separation and racism!! Or are we?!?

This is not discrediting her talents or her influence to many. I still listen to her music, and dance to it. Actually I've performed on many stages around the area dancing to at of her songs. I just don't feel that she deserves a statue because she hasn't done anything to help our youth or city in ways she can! 

And we still love you MISSY but your charity work in your city has been poor!