Save Elwood’s Streets from Over Development

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City of Port Philip Council is planning to support the over development of one of Elwood’s most historic streets – Tiuna Grove –  allowing a 1500 square metre block of 19 apartments (1-5 Tiuna Grove) to be built with no consideration for the character of our neighbourhood or for the residents. Three dwellings will be demolished to build the block.
Although councillors have expressed their concerns, the City will not oppose this development without significant support from Elwood residents. The monolithic building will sit on the same narrow street as two of Elwood’s most historic mansions and many family homes.

We urge you to sign this petition. We hope that enough residents are committed to maintaining the distinctive character of Elwood whilst improving the local area for all residents – existing and prospective – to enjoy.

The development seeks to consolidate three large residential properties (1, 3 and 5 Tiuna Grove) and replace them with a single building of oppressive bulk. The building will have a 48m width, 10m (3 storey) height, minimal setbacks from the boundary and a footprint of 1500m sq.  It will have 19 apartments and spaces for 39 cars, significantly increasing vehicular traffic in this and surrounding streets.  Obvious traffic hazard and safety issues will be introduced to this small single-entry street of 6m width, if this enormous development is allowed to proceed.

Tiuna Grove and adjacent streets are in a designated Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ). The purpose of this zone according to the Port Phillip Planning Scheme is to:

“recognise areas of predominantly single and double storey residential development” and “to manage and ensure that development respects the identified neighbourhood character, heritage, environmental or landscape characteristics.”

Further, the NRZ seeks:

“To maintain the distinctive garden suburban character including larger lot sizes with generous front and side setbacks.”

Tiuna Grove provides dramatic context to the history of Elwood. Two significant mansions, a third significant house and numerous other inter-war homes contribute to the built heritage of the area.  It, and the neighbouring streets in the NRZ, are characterised by predominantly single and double story homes with generous gardens on single, unconsolidated lots.

The Port Phillip Planning scheme expressly reserves Residential Growth Zones (RGZ) along larger main roads for this type of development. This proposal is ill-founded: it contradicts the objective of retaining neighbourhood character.

According to the 2016 Census, Elwood is the 12th most densely populated suburb in Melbourne.  Population growth is supported in a sustainable manner through the planning scheme.  Adding disproportionate structures outside the designated growth zones, such as that proposed for Tiuna Grove, sets a dangerous precedent for future developments contrary to the intent of the planning scheme and will have serious and adverse effects on the amenity of Elwood residents.

Equally, it is important to state that we are not opposed to development per se. We would welcome sympathetic development that complemented existing built heritage and improved on the amenity of existing and prospective residents. The development being proposed for Tiuna Grove singularly fails to meet these objectives.

We urge you to sign this petition and work with us to stop this inappropriate over development.