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City of Melville: allow the Tom Hoad Cup to be held over the Christmas/New Year period.

The Melville Water Polo Club runs the annual Tom Hoad Cup - International Water Polo Tournament over the Christmas/New Year period.  It has run for 10 years.

A small number of residents have forced the cancellation of this year's event. The City of Melville will not support the hosting of the Cup during the Christmas and New Year period due to the impact upon the public amenity.

This petition provides an avenue for people to demonstrate their support to allow the Tom Hoad Cup to be held over the Christmas/New Year period.

The event offers:

 •               a rare opportunity for local athletes (including juniors) to compete against the world's best water polo teams, without the expense of going overseas;

•               an opportunity for local residents and the broader community to experience an international sporting event;

•               international, interstate and local tourist dollars to local businesses during a period when many of the immediate residents are away on vacation;

•               promotion of healthy, active living;

•               promotion of international culture and goodwill;

•               finishes at 9:30pm each evening; and

•               volunteers co-ordinate parking.


The Christmas/New Year time frame is essential for the successful running of the event as it is not viable without international teams:

•               Internationally recognised water polo teams from the northern hemisphere can attend during this time period as it coincides with the short Christmas break in their season fixture;

•               International school teams can also travel during this time period as northern hemisphere school holidays are typically limited to the Christmas/New Year period; and

•               Notably, access and use of amenities (e.g. parks, pools, reserves) are available to all City of Melville residents, at any time of the year, not only residents that live in a specific street or area.

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