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Stop Crown Casino from releasing the fireballs

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They are gastly, they remind me of an atom bomb going off. Im sure thousands of other people feel the same. I call them Hiroshima balls. Lets get them stopped!

They are an out of date tourist attraction - they demonstrate that Melbourne is not a progressive, and certainly not an environmently conscious city. "The worlds biggest fireballs..." Crown website proudly advertisers - Also quite possibly the worlds biggest waste of fossil fuels.
There are 8 pillars, they go off every hour, every day and have been doing so for as far as I remember (15 years or more). Besides fiscal cost, how much have they cost the environment?

Most importantly, they incinerate birds! Birds fly into them. As the bomb of fire gets expelled so fast, the birds do not have time to divert course. Birds use the top of the pillars to perch and nest, unbeknown the fate that awaits them.

Im shocked they still exist, that the council still allows it.

I urge you to sign my petition. Come on Melbournians, lets get rid of them! ... and anyone else who has come to our city and been less than impressed to say the least.

If you are in Melbourne and not sure what I mean, take the train to the city, walk to the Casino riverbank and wait. Like clockwork, the sinister things go off on the hour starting 6pm in winter and about 8pm in summer. Im sure a close up witness will compel you to sign my petition. Be mindful of the innocent birds who mistakenly fly into them. This city does not need them, they are an embarrassment! Lets get them STOPPED!!!!

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