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richards Angela
Elsternwick, Australia

Mar 30, 2020 — 

Microwave Radiation + Virus = 2 Biological Agents 

Microwave Radiation is classified as a Biological Agent and described as a Pollutant by the United Nations, World Health Organisation. 

Dating from circa 1976, the United Nations, World Health Organisation has published a library of Environmental Health Criteria monographs to aid countries in the control of chemical and biological agent pollutants.

The first three Environmental Health Criteria are: (1) Mercury, (2) Polychlorinated biphenyls & terphenyls, and (3) Lead.

'Radiofrequency and Microwave', is listed at No.16 of 243 (no.) monographs to date.  Monographs alongside include: (9) DDT and its Derivatives (10) Carbon Monoxide (11) Mycotoxins and (13) Carbon Disulfide.


Microwave Radiation, used in telecommunications including 4G/5G, has long been evidenced to cause biological effects including increased cell membrane permeability, calcium efflux and adverse effects to the immune and central nervous systems.


A study from China dated December 11, 2019, clearly indicates that calcium channels are viral replication and maturation pathways.

Host Calcium Channels and Pumps in Viral Infections

Xingjuan Chen 1,2 , Ruiyuan Cao 2, * and Wu Zhong 2, *

* Institute of Medical Research, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China; National Engineering Research Center for the Emergency Drug, Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Beijing 100850, China Correspondence: (R.C.); (W.Z.)

Received: 11 December 2019; Accepted: 24 December 2019; Published: 30 December 2019

Abstract: Ca 2+ is essential for virus entry, viral gene replication, virion maturation, and release. The alteration of host cells Ca 2+ homeostasis is one of the strategies that viruses use to modulate host cells signal transduction mechanisms in their favor. Host calcium-permeable channels and pumps (including voltage-gated calcium channels, store-operated channels, receptor-operated channels, transient receptor potential ion channels, and Ca 2+ -ATPase) mediate Ca 2+ across the plasma membrane or subcellular organelles, modulating intracellular free Ca 2+ . Therefore, these Ca 2+ channels or pumps present important aspects of viral pathogenesis and virus–host interaction. It has been reported that viruses hijack host calcium channels or pumps, disturbing the cellular homeostatic balance of Ca 2+ . Such a disturbance benefits virus lifecycles while inducing host cells’ morbidity. Evidence has emerged that pharmacologically targeting the calcium channel or calcium release from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) can obstruct virus lifecycles. Impeding virus-induced abnormal intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis is becoming a useful strategy in the development of potent antiviral drugs. In this present review, the recent identified cellular calcium channels and pumps as targets for virus attack are emphasized.

Keywords: virus; calcium channels; calcium pumps; virus–host interaction; antiviral


4G and 5G Microwave emissions are expected to advance the course of the Corona Virus via causing calcium efflux and increasing cell membrane permeability.

Urgently Microwave emissions need to reduce, as the current allowed levels are unsafe. 

Microwave Radiation in TESTBEDs and in 5G deployment presents unnecessary risk and is reckless in this critical area of health concern.


TESTBEDS are frequently funded by the same 'Industry partners' across the Globe from Melbourne, Australia, to Barcelona, Spain and to Turin, Italy.

Super High Frequency Microwave is presently used for satellite and military radar use and is now also being deployed for 5G and within 5G TESTBEDS within our communities where we live. This technology has not been tested to ensure safety. 

In contrast, Scientific evidence documented decades ago reveals mild to severe adverse health effects from exposure to Ultra High Frequency and Super High Frequency Microwave, at the current allowed levels.

(References include: N.A.S.A. (1981), Comptroller USA (1978), United Nations, World Health Organisation (1973 Warsaw Symposium, 1978 Geneva Symposium).


TESTBEDS emit SHF and UHF Microwave Radiation over a mapped area to 'live test' 5G and IoT. The TESTBEDS often include satellite and vehicle emitters as well as ground based infrastructure. 

For a list of European TESTBEDS:


Urgently 5G on earth and in space needs to HALT. The technology threatens nature and mankind and is non-sensical.

Refer to Arthur Firstenberg's Worldwide Appeal to urgently Stop 5G on Earth and in Space:


Politicians world-wide are caught up in a 'Race to 5G' afraid of 'Falling Behind', promised 'Economic Gains and Wins' by Deploying 5G, by deploying dense unsafe Microwave Radiation on the Population.

Heavily funded Industry hype for over ten years has brought us to the point where few realise that Microwave Radiation at current and proposed levels is categorically unsafe and Politicians cannot fathom this fact.

The public has not had a voice against the heavily industry funded media and industry publications seeking to silence the truth.

Psychology professionals have been promoted by Industry and Government as 'experts' to allay the fears of the Public.

No sensible person would ever want dense Microwave emitted over themselves, their family, nor Nature. The evidence of harm is widespread and undisputed Scientifically.  It is time to stand together and speak loudly as there is little time remaining to HALT this madness. Search back to see that this has been a 'Race' started by Industry, to 'Win' TestBeds, to have 'Smart' Cities, Smart appliances, Smart Meters, to 'move up' the Innovation index.  There is nothing Smart about this, but the psychology has worked on the politicians and the industry itself who have run this road together for many years unbeknown to the Public.  How do we STOP the ones who started this RACE?


Refer to the work of Doctor Martin Pall in addressing the current ICNIRP Guidelines:


and the below Australian Parliamentary circa 2002 submission by Doctor N. Cherry (dec.)


Also refer to


Please share the petition urgently to HALT Melbourne TESTBED 1 and to draw attention to this hidden area of major health concern for citizens world wide.



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