Animal Abuse Registry

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All cities should support an Animal Abuse Registry to protect innocent animals from the ongoing and growing animal torture situation worldwide.   We have to make our government aware and accountable for thier laws regarding animal neglect, cruelty and torture, and necessary enforcement of same. We can eliminate repeat offenders by listing publically every single person charged with animal abuse.  A "pending" list should be started with constant monitoring to add offenders to the Registry once convicted.  If individuals are accountable while they are abusing and torturing animals, we can stop them from "honing" their skills to move on to people.  Anyone knows that if you are sadistic enough to torture a kitten, you will have no trouble moving on to human babies.  Imagine knowing you could have saved a child by humiliating the abuser while they were practicing on animals, the minute we know their natural progression. Please support my petition to compel the City of Lethbridge to begin and maintain an "Animal Abuse Registry ". I would freely volunteer to set up, organize and maintain this Registry with the cooperation of the Humane Society.