Stop the congestion of The Cove Precinct from overdevelopment

Stop the congestion of The Cove Precinct from overdevelopment

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SIGN NOW to stop the overdevelopment of The Cove Precinct (Patterson Lakes) that will intensify congestion, disrupt traffic flows and negatively impact amenity.   

The Cove Precinct is a development zone with two 10-storey towers, along with a 3-storey building approved adjacent to The Cove Hotel. Now the developer intends to remove 446 car spaces from the 236 new dwellings under permit KP-2018/459.

This will:    

  • Exacerbate insufficient parking availability that overflows into neighbouring streets from residencies, swim school users and hotel patrons
  • Reduce parking for The Cove Hotel to just 71 car spaces, which is a concern, because insufficient parking availability, has resulted in vehicles being parked on Patterson River at the marina's boat ramp
  • Potentially create the requirement for traffic signalling to ensure vehicles can safely enter or exit the narrow Pier One Drive onto McLeod Rd
  • Compound McLeod Rd congestion that is already likely to increase following the construction of the new Station Street road bridge and Thompsons Rd duplication

The proposal:

  • Does not meet the requirements of the CDZ1 Comprehensive Development Zone assigned in 1999. Schedule 1 specifies a car parking ratio of at least two car parks and one visitor space for each dwelling
  • Fails to include loading arrangements for deliveries and taxis. This is an issue, as trucks frequently park illegally, blocking access for vehicles
  • Has raised concerns relating to the excavation of 80s era fuel tanks from the development site and former pump station in June. These may have contained contaminated fuel and require further investigation by the EPA
  • Following completion, could lead to the future redevelopment of The Cove Hotel itself

The City of Kingston must reject the application, and open a consultation phase with affected stakeholders to review the Comprehensive Development Zone, in order to ensure any development aligns with the community's expectations.

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