Animals are family - Help us keep our lambs.

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These are our two lambs, Remy and Ella. Both are less than 6 months old, Remy which we saved from death after being abandoned and have raised from a week old. For the first couple months of his life he slept in our beds and had us up in the wee hours of the night for his 4 hourly bottle. We are big animals lovers, and our animals bring us a lot of joy.

We are extremely heartbroken today to receive a complaint from the City of Kalamunda with instructions to re-home by the 17th, especially so close to Christmas. Our animals are our family and having this happen especially after hand-rearing these abandoned lambs is devastating. We would have happily had a chat to whoever had this complaint and worked out a compromise. 

Please help by signing the petition to urge the council to reverse this decision and let us keep our lambs. Lambs may not be your typical pet like dogs or cats, but to us they are just the same. We don't want to just give up our pets we love and have put time into raising.