Decision Maker Response

Karen Farbridge’s response

Karen Farbridge
Mayor of Guelph

Jan 14, 2014 — Thank you everyone, on behalf of City Council and the City of Guelph, for taking the time to voice your views on this subject. The City is reviewing the concerns expressed in the petition.

I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify how Transit advertising works. The City does not endorse any businesses or associations who advertise on buses, benches or shelters, and Guelph Transit works with an outside agency that sells advertising space. All advertisements are reviewed to ensure they comply with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and Guelph Transit’s advertising policy.

I appreciate that the Guelph & Area Right to Life advertisement may be seen as controversial, but refusing to post it could be seen as limiting freedom of expression under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The ad does not contravene the advertising policy and there is no record that it is in violation of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

If you have concerns about this or any other advertisement on Guelph Transit buses, benches or shelters, you are encouraged to submit a formal complaint to Advertising Standards Canada by clicking here: If the ad is found to be in violation of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, then Guelph Transit has the right to refuse or request the removal of the advertisement.

As I mentioned, the City takes your concerns seriously and is reviewing the issues raised. Thank you again for taking the time to have your voice heard through this petition.

Karen Farbridge
City of Guelph