Keep the "Skoden" Graffiti on the Sudbury Water Tower

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Recently, someone climbed the Sudbury water tower and defaced it with the word, "Skoden". Police have said they are investigating, which suggests they intend to charge the person who did it with a crime. This comes at the same time that Sudbury City Council approved a legal "graffiti wall" in the downtown core, not far from the water tower. Meanwhile, the satirical Walking Eagle News has publicized the "Skoden" graffiti, mocking the response of the general public to the "skoden" graffiti.

This petition requests that the owner of the water tower, Dario Zulich, leave the "Skoden" graffiti on the water tower and instead of charging the person who did it, give them permission to spraypaint "skoden" all around the water tower as a clear message to the city and the greater community, that Sudbury is actually really cool.

Alternatively, maybe that rusty old water tower should be torn down before someone falls off it and dies. It's an eyesore and it's honestly pretty pathetic that the city thinks of this as a landmark worth spending money on.