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Support the use of latex balloons

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Latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and do not contain chemicals to prevent them biodegrading. They are NOT plastic.

Latex balloons are made from a vegetable material collected by tapping Rubber Trees, which grow in rainforests. Latex harvesting discourages deforestation and also leads to the planting of millions of Rubber trees. This of course has a positive effect on our struggling planet and the health of our oceans. Latex production also aids the wellbeing of the indigenous people in some of the most poverty stricken places in the world.
Please take the time to research some of the major environmental groups concerned with de-forestation. They all see a "canopy of trees" as one of the most important strategies in the fight against global warming.

Please consider a donation to any of the respected worldwide conservation groups leading the fight against deforestation and promoting the planting of trees as a way of contributing to the general health of our planet.

The latest National & WA Clean Up Australia Rubbish Reports indicated that 1% of all rubbish collected was in the rubber category. This consisted mainly of tyres, rubber gloves, shoes and soles. Balloon litter was so insignificant that it did not even rate its own sub category.

Please note: Latex balloons, not disposed of correctly are litter and there is no excuse for their misuse, even though they do biodegrade at the same rate as a gum leaf.

Why would business owners in Fremantle be banned from using balloons to responsibly advertise their business when no such law exists in the world? 

Please sign this petition if you believe that latex balloons bring a great deal of fun and excitement to the world and that they do have a positive effect on the environment if used responsibly.


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