Act Now to Protect Englewood Neighborhoods

Act Now to Protect Englewood Neighborhoods

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Pen Englewood started this petition to Englewood City Council/Englewood City Manager

The purpose of this petition is to help protect the existing character of our neighborhoods from construction that is not compatible in design and scale to existing homes. These additions and new builds on adjacent properties result in loss of privacy, sunshine, solar access, views, and green space. Current lot coverage does not include all impermeable surfaces such as driveways and patios which can lead to drainage problems. Existing side setbacks on new construction and additions create fire/safety issues when built next to “grandfathered” structures that had no set back requirements.

Construction in our neighborhoods has not followed the City’s current Residential Design Standards because these are used only as guidelines and allow leeway in their interpretation. This has resulted in the un-characteristic infill, redevelopment, and renovation we have experienced. This practice along with changes to the bulk plane (building height) in 2014 and construction related fees which are considerably lower than neighboring cities charge have made Englewood a target for developers and investors.

What can Englewood residents do to stop this development? You can speak out by:

Signing this Petition. The outreach from Community Development and Logan Simpson resulted in a small percentage of Englewood residents participating in the ongoing review of Title 16. You still have a chance to be heard. When you sign the petition please include your address with your name to show Council that you are an Englewood resident.

Reaching out. Call or email Community Development and City Council Let them know that you want to stop the scraping of affordable housing for very large and expensive builds and preserve the history and character of our neighborhoods.

Follow City Meetings where you can speak. Go to to access the meetings portal. The agenda for each meeting gives directions for accessing the meeting and register to speak and we hope you will. On March 22nd at 6 pm Englewood City Council will be discussing the Title 16 Review results. 

This petition is asking for changes in our Building Codes to:

1. Return bulk plane to 12ft. and maximum height of 25ft. in all residential zones per Code prior to 2014. (This still allows for 2 story homes, duplexes, triplexes etc. that are compatible)
2. Restrict lot coverage for residential housing to 40%. (Stop drainage problems and keep yards!)
3. Stop defining side setbacks by property lines in residential neighborhoods where there are existing side setbacks of less than 5ft. require new builds or additions to have a minimum of 10ft. between residential structures in all zones.
4. Prohibit any construction that changes the natural drainage easement. (Example: building above the existing grade.)
5. Change all “Guidelines” to “Standards” and enforce them.

PEN (Protect Englewood Neighborhoods) wishes to thank the Englewood History Preservation Society for their great work in studying current Title 16, The Unified Development Codes, and the many sound recommendations they have offered to our Community Development Department and City Council.
Only some of these are included here.
You can access their entire document at

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!