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Ban declawing in Edmonton

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Declawing cats is a cruel, unnecessary surgical procedure, that is done only for the selfish convenience of the cat owner and to line the pockets of veterinarians. People often declaw their cats to stop them from scratching and destroying furniture. However, there are serious negative consequences for the animal. Declawing is an unessisary, painful and cruel procedure. There are other options available (such as claw caps like Soft Paws). Additionally, owners should be aware of the natural inclination of cats to scratch, and provide scratching posts, as well as being comfortable with the possibility of their furniture being damaged before becoming an owner. Declawing can cause serious side effects in cats. Declawing is not just the removal of claws but is, in fact, an amputation at the first joint. "Medical drawbacks to declawing include pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death), lameness, and back pain. Removing claws changes the way a cat's foot meets the ground and can cause pain similar to wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. There can also be a regrowth of improperly removed claws, nerve damage, and bone spurs.“ Edmonton should set the standard for the humane treatment of animals, and ban declawing in this city. Many other countries, such as England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand. There is no reason Edmonton can't stand up for cats and kittens and follow suit. Please visit for more info on declawing: -

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