Save McDougall Church

Save McDougall Church

February 25, 2015
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City of Edmonton and Government of Alberta
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Why this petition matters

Yes! I want McDougall Church to be saved.

In the wake of news coverage indicating McDougall Church may be demolished due to a lack of funding and support for needed repairs, a grassroots group of community leaders, concerned preservationists, performing arts supporters/advocates, and other friends of McDougall has come together to stop this from happening.

Completed over a century ago in 1910, McDougall is much more than a church. It is a direct connection to our collective history, a gathering place for community groups, and one of the most beautiful old buildings remaining in Edmonton’s core. Our city and our province cannot afford to lose this precious part of our built heritage.

McDougall is also Edmonton’s finest mid-sized venue for acoustic music, providing a glorious (and affordable) setting for dozens of performances every year, along with countless rehearsals. Its loss would be a massive blow to the arts community.

Friends of McDougall has formed to preserve the historic McDougall Church building and protect its important role as a premier downtown Edmonton performance and community space. 

We believe there is broad support to preserve the building and protect its important role as a vital downtown community and performance hub. This petition serves as a tangible expression of that support.

We call upon the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta to help us save McDougall Church. Together, surely we have the creativity, the wisdom, and the resources needed to maintain this irreplaceable gift entrusted to us by generations past.

It’s time to stand up and say “Yes! We want this building saved.” Join us. Your voice is important.

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Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 1,713 supporters!

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