Help Us Build a Public Skatepark in Deerfield Beach, Florida

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Deerfield Beach has always been a small South Florida surf and skate town with local shop Island Water Sports being a cornerstone for over 30 years. We have beautiful beaches and many young people that enjoy an active lifestyle. The city boasts great city parks but not one offers a place for our community to skate. Help us to change that and bring a state-of-the-art park to Deerfield Beach.


Think about this: Our city spends money on soccer, basketball, baseball, and many other legitimate sports, why not skateboarding? Skateboarding continues to grow in popularity and has even become one of the newest Olympic sports. Skateboarding in the USA continues to be even more popular than the all-American sport of baseball. For participants, skateboarding is easy to start due to the low cost of equipment, and cities and government in Florida are protected from all liability! Aren't our skating youth, teens and young adults also worthy of our public dollars?

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How a Skatepark Can Benefit Deerfield Beach:

  • Skateparks Build Community. A skatepark provides a gathering place for youth, teens, and their families, encouraging residents to get to know one another and build friendships. Local businesses and non-profits can get involved and get to know our next generation. It can also be a place to host events and competitions to bring the city together.
  • Skateparks Provide a Safer Skate Environment. Less than 5% of all skateboarding injuries occur in skateparks. Our public streets, sidewalks, stairs, and curbs are not safe places to skate. A majority of fatal skateboarding accidents that occur in the street involve a motor vehicle. Tim Huxhold park in Boca was built after losing one of our youth who loved to skate and cutting his life way too short. Our youth deserve a safe place to skateboard.
  • Skateboaring Improves health and well-being. Obesity is a problem in our youth all over the US. What do you call an obese skateboarder? A beginner. Skateboarding is a free sport and an excellent way to encourage physical fitness. Skateboarding gets kids away from the videos games and gives them access to fresh air and exercise!
  • Skateboarding Lowers Crime. Teens with productive actives are less likely to get involved in crime. Skateboarding also creates a sense of identity and belonging for those who feel isolated. To put it simply...boredom in teens is not helpful: ask any police officer!
  • Skateboarding Improves Education. Skateboarding challenges participants, teaches them to handle failure, and helps build confidence...⸺all of which can carry over into the classroom. Plus, skateboarding is all about physics. When a skater is working out how to land a flip trick, they are learning about forces and dynamics. Courses like Create-A-Skate (featured in the Smithsonian) are now being used in schools and parks to teach science through skateboarding. It has also been found that, a skatepark in close proximity to the library can encourage teen participate in after-school programs. As a community we can lower drop-out rates and invest in the next generation of this city.
  • Skateboarding Boosts Local Business. When residents aren't interested in their neighborhood, they are less likely to "hang out" and use its services. Additionally, visitors from other cities will come to use the skatepark, buying lunch and "gasing up" before returning home. Anyone who has been part of Island Water Sports Daytime Radness (aka Midnight Madness) knows that it is one of the busiest days of the year for surrounding businesses. 
  • Skateboarding enhances, improves, and revitalizes our city. Skateparks are downright cool! Ask states like Colorado, California and New Mexico. Even upper class areas like Vail are proud to have local skateparks. It gives cities a youthful and healthy feel and, "makes our city look hip". A well built skatepark also give those who love the sport a sense of PRIDE! Florida boasts the best skatepark builders in the world and is home to many of skateboard's roots. As cities on the West coast of the state begin to build parks, they are seeing the benefit. A park in Deerfield featuring a well built bowl and street course will add a huge enhancement to the city and be unlike anything else in South Florida.

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Our Future Steps:

  1. Raise Awareness: We will work to raise community awareness and begin to have this petition completed to show the city that there is a need
  2. Petition the City: Once our petition gains momentum, we will bring together a group to share our vision and the need with the City of Deerfield Beach. We will ask them to consider the project and help us secure land and some funding.
  3. Skatepark Design: We will work with Team Pain and other local skaters and park builders on a design that incorporates, tranny, vert and street.
  4. Fundraising & Grants: Upon approval we will begin working to make the project a reality for South Florida Skaters through fundraising, grants and sponsorships.

Together we can make a change. Watch the Video to see how parks built have made a difference.