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City of Chicago: do not ban the indoor use of e-cigs

I wanted to voice my opinion on the upcoming hearing & contract for the e-cig. In my opinion and being a former smoker, who went to and continues to use the e-cig, rather than put the harmful chemicals into my body, i think this possible oridance is unfair to people who have quit. It is a daily struggle to not light up, and if we as former smokers are forced into the general population OF smokers whos to say we wont go back to smoking?? It's like telling a recovering alcholic to go to a bar but not drink, do you know how hard that would be?? By forcing the people who are attempting to do better for their own health, by passing such an ordiance esentially this would just be putting a lite cigarette back into our hands. It is MUCH cheaper to own and smoke the e-cigs and it is safer in the long wrong, not only for us but for the general public. All e-cigs are is water vapor, granted there has not been much research on it, but does water vapor give 2nd hand smokers lung cancer? It would be like putting your head over a de-humidifier and inhaling the water vapor, thats almost the exact same thing with the e-cigs. I have smoked my ecigs in bars, restaurants, airports, etc and not one person has asked me to stop, if anything they are curious about it and ask questions - the more you know about something, the more informed you are to make a decision like possibly banning them indoors, but what does City of Chicago REALLY know about them?, they just view this as a tobacco product, which they took the necessary measures to put an age restriction on it, good and you should seeing as it is a tobacco product, but to all out consider them in the same category as actual cigarettes is not right, because it is NOT the same thing. They lack carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, lead, butane, and the 11,000 other harmful chemicals.. all e-cigs have in them is Synthetic Nicotine and research has showen 9 other chemicals, so if you want to compare the 2, ecigs are a safer solution. The air that you puff out disinegrates within seconds, where as cigarette smoke lingers and people walking buy walk right into it, causing 2nd hand smoke. Do you really think this is the case with ecigs?? I have blowen my "puff" into friends faces and they dont even know or smell it because there is no lingering smell or cloud of gas/smoke. Coming from a few non-smokers i have asked they all say "ecigs do not bother me at all like cig. smoke does, theres no smell, and i dont smell, i would rather sit next to an ecig smoker and have that blowen in my face than sit next to a regular smoker and have that smoke blowen into my face" 

By making us stand outside with the general population of smokers, i think is an ultimate death sentance for the ones who actually TRY to quit and take the necessary steps to TRY and quit, City Of Chicago is ruining someones chances of attempting to quit. Like i said i quit and i smoked for 10yrs and it is all in thanks to the ecigs. Sure you might ask well what about the patch or the gum? well the patch causes skin irritation and the gum is not satisifing enough. Smokers NEED that hand to mouth coordination and that is what the ecig provides.

I think City of Chicago has this one wrong and really should re-think this type or ordinance, there are far greater issues to be concerned about rather than a smoker trying to quit.

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