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Please abolish Breed Specific Legislation in Chanute, Ks.

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Millions of good dogs die every year simply because if the way they look. Up 80 percent of these dogs are mistaken as pitbulls and euthanized anyway. The pitbull has gotten a bad rap from the media since the 1980's when Sports Illustrated wrote an article about inner city dog fighting rings where these dogs were force to fight-sometimes to the death. I have been around "bully" dogs for over 30 years. As with any dog, it's how theyre and socialized. Thete are many myths about this breed that scares people into believing they're predisposition to be aggressive which has now been proven not to be true.

Responsible dog owners are forced to hide away the beautiful in fear of losing their beloved pets. Therefore these pets are not properly socialized and that is a huge problem as a unsocialized dog of any breed will sometimes attack out if fear and nothing else.

We also ask that stricter penalties be put in place for animal abuse and negect in our town.

And lastly, we are forming a group to help with unexpected expenses with pets and also vaccinations, etc.

Thank you for your time.

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