Mandatory exchanging of details following an animal attack

Mandatory exchanging of details following an animal attack

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On Saturday the 18th July 2020 my friend Rachel and I were walking our dogs around our estate in Clyde, VIC, 3978. My dog was a Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Ruby and Rachel's dog was a Boxer X Staffy named Bucky. As Rachel and I were walking down Hill Farm Drive we walked passed a Grey 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a gardener's type cage trailer attached, I had noticed the car but thought nothing of it as we proceeded to walk down the street and were about 3 house lengths away when at 11:45am a man let his black Mastiff X out of his Grey 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with no collar and no leash. This dog proceeded to run at Rachel and I from behind and drag Ruby in its mouth and attempt to pull her away from me.

The dog would not let go of Ruby and I could not let go of the lead at the risk of the black dog running away with Ruby down the street. Rachel grabbed the black dog by the scruff and it eventually let go of Ruby and I quickly picked Ruby up and held her hoping this dog would not come and attack us both. Then the black dog bit Bucky causing several deep puncture wounds.

The man then came down to try and grab his dog but he had no control of it at all, he didn't say one word to me and the only thing he said to Rachel was to 'let go of his dog' and he never even called his dog by it's name or yelled out to it.

The man then got back in his car with his dog and did a u-turn to avoid having to drive passed Rachel and myself holding our bleeding dogs, he had no idea Ruby was bleeding all over me and had flesh hanging from her tiny body or that we hadn't been bitten ourselves. Our dogs could have bled out at the scene and he still didn't stop, he chose to be an absolute coward and try and runaway.

Unfortunately, my Ruby did not make it through her third surgery to try and remove her damaged kidney and internal bleeding and she passed away during her recovery from acute cardiac arrest. I have spent just under $11,000 to try to do everything I can to save Ruby and it still was unfortunately not enough.

I want to fight for the mandatory exchanging of details following a dog attack. It's not fair that I can be stopped at a red light and if someone hits my rear bumper it's illegal for them to flee the scene without exchanging details but this completely irresponsible dog owner can flee and drive off without exchanging details, offering any assistance or even asking if we were ok.

Ruby was the absolute highlight of my life and it's heartbreaking that I can't even walk around my block without being scared of a dog attack and losing my best pal. I would hate this to happen to anyone else and anyway we can mitigate the damage and increase the repercussions of these dog owners not being responsible will help the community.