Save the Athaan #CPTMosques

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The City of Cape Town is a beautiful and colorful diverse city with people from all over and all religions and cultures.

Our muslim brothers and sisters are being targeted during the month of Ramadaan by having the Athaan complained about and attacked to possibly have silenced and removed.

We should show them all our love and support as an universal family and take a stand against it! Islam has been in SA for hundereds of years - more specifically the Zeenatul Islam Mosque in Muir Street District 6. This is unacceptable. We all reserve the right - in a democratic country - to practise our faith and cultures how we wish.

Lets help our Muslim brothers and sisters during Ramadaan and say "The Athaan stays..The Mosque stays" 

#savethemosques  #savetheathaan  #weareone