Shut down Club Bottoms Up In Buffalo, NY

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After many complaints about the racism experienced at "Bottoms Up" a nightclub in Buffalo, I vow to have "Bottoms Up" permanently shut down!

Backstory: This was a facebook post made by a young women, who had one of the worst experiences a customer can ever have. Link to orginal post will be included below story.

I've heard about the racism and discrimination against Black People and other People of Color at Bottoms Up but I've never ever experienced it until tonight. Me and my friends went to Bottoms Up tonight at 69 West Chippewa St. Anyone who knows the way Bottoms Up is set up, there's an area towards the back with steps that take you slightly up to a higher ground before the VIP Area And surrounding it are pipe like borders. I went and stood next to someone who was previously standing next to someone else. She happened to be a white girl with blonde hair. I stood by her because the club was packed but where she was standing there was more than enough room. She purposely moved her arm over in order to prevent me from standing there. I went to move to the other side of her because I figured she just wanted that space and she proceeded to do the same thing along with physically placing her hands and arms against me after I had already taken the spot. I asked her to move her hand and once she continued to shove me I asked her what her issue was and she proceeded to get loud with me. We ended up going back and forth because there was absolutely no reason for her to be touching me. The bouncer who was also white was standing directly in front of us and watched what happened. He proceeded to smile at this girl. She whispered something in his ear they laughed about something and then I was told to "take a walk" I came down the steps and the security guard continued to antagonize me about the situation which wasn't My fault and threatened to call the police if I didn't leave. As I was preparing myself to leave he called me a NIGGER. I had to keep my composure and leave before things escalated. When I went outside, the owner who also happened to be white asked me what happened and I explained to him what happened along with a demonstration and told him what the security guard said to me. He continued to be rude and nasty and even cursed at me. I told him to watch his mouth and his tone. I told him not to ever curse at me and then he continued to lie and say he didn't. He did. I will never ever step foot is this establishment again in my life. The discrimination and racist behavior was so unnecessary and uncalled for. I am disgusted.

This has not been the first time that this has happened, this has been going on for quite sometime, but now, enough is enough, its time to shut this club down. 

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