Get Our Homeless Citizens up off the Sidewalks & Their Feet out of the Gutters

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Half the HOMELESS People in our nation are so disabled, they cannot work!

They are lying on our sidewalks and sitting with their feet in our gutters in Austin, LA, Philadelphia and in cities all across America. They’ve lost family, friends, & home.

*Some want to fine them ($200+) for just sitting or lying down.

*Some want to ticket and arrest them, (No Sit/No Lie Ordinance)

*Others want to turn around and sue the City over the ordinance.

* Others want these folks to be left alone and “just be”…on the ground.

WE want a Compromise! …that offers: Dignity and Fairness!!

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                                         (and Solve the Problem)

BENCHES can get our citizens up from the sidewalks and out of our gutters!  Dignity & Fairness!!!!  By signing, I call for enough benches for all!