Ban single-use plastic bags and straws in Puerto Princesa City

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As the capital city of the beautiful island of Palawan, the city of Puerto Princesa is undergoing rapid urbanization: the population in the city is steadily increasing, investors are pouring in and new establishments and businesses are growing, and more and more tourists from different corners of the world visit to enjoy the scenic beauty of the province.

However, along with this favorable growth in the city's economy comes the unwelcome increase in non-biodegradable waste that cause drastic negative impacts to our environment. Wastes that are composed mostly of single-use plastic products such as plastic shopping bags and plastic straws that takes hundreds of years to decompose. Something that is used for less than an hour can spend hundreds of years in a landfill or in the ocean, damaging the environment and killing wildlife. With this, we want to take a stand against single-use plastic bags and straws that are used daily in Puerto Princesa City. Other cities have done it and we believe that with the help of the City Government of Puerto Princesa, we can do it here too!

This petition aims to effectively reduce the amount of plastic waste in the city and we want you to help by signing and showing your support in preserving the environment. Let us protect and maintain the beauty of Puerto Princesa City. Sign now!

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