Facility Improvement of PPC Dog Pound to Ensure Animal Welfare

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Dogs are known not just in the Philippines but in the whole world as man’s best friend, its undeniable that almost every person love dogs, some treated them as a part of their family or a part of their lives especially those who are dog enthusiasts. Dogs are not just pets; they also help us in our daily lives since there are dogs trained for tracking bombs, protections and safety, save us in some cases and some important purposes. As a return we humans are obliged to feed and shelter them so that they will survive and have a proper life which every dog deserves.

But it is inevitable that there are cases where some dogs have no owner, abandoned by their owner or went astray in the streets, this is where dog pounds came into place, dog pound is a place where stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered dogs, and sometimes sick or wounded wildlife are kept and rehabilitated.

However, in Puerto Princesa city particularly in Villa Grande, Barangay Tagburos there is a dog pound namely, Dog Pound Puerto Princesa.

The dog pound is not what it should be, as you enter the said place you will witness the sufferings of the dog, whimpering in sadness and moaning pain, looking at you as they seem to beg for food and freedom, based on our source and as we witness as well, we can clearly say that the facility is not in a good condition for dogs to live, it can be observe that the facility is not sanitized, very dirty and disorganized, shortened food supply for dogs, it seems like no one is watching and taking care for them and the dog cage is very tight, they can hardly move and it’s so hot for them, the place is also seems like from everyone else since it’s very hard to find.


                The aim of this petition is to spread awareness about the said dog pound and at the same time ask everyone, especially government officials to raise this problem/issue to the government, so that the government will fund and improve the dog pound facilities for a better living of the dogs enclosed there, giving more attention to the dog pound and lunching more programs that will open the door for the dogs to have a better life with their owners.


                The reason why we raise this petition is very simple and basic, its simply because like everybody else, we are dog lovers and we feel pity about the situations of the dogs in the dog pound. We are hoping that everyone will help us in raising this petition. If you like this petition, you are one of us as dog lovers.







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