City Council - Reform Ride-Sharing Regulations Now!

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As you may have experienced firsthand, traffic congestion in New York City is worse than ever. As a taxi rider, you can help do something about it. 

The ride-sharing sector has grown from 40,000 vehicles just a few years ago to a stunning 110,000 vehicles today. Drivers for ride-hailing companies spend much of their time cruising around midtown without a passenger. The traffic and air pollution is unsustainable. 

While this proliferation has continued unchecked, driver wages across all sectors - yellow, green, and other vehicles - has drastically fallen. This has hurt many hardworking New Yorkers, largely immigrants, trying to make a living wage. 

The City Council will vote on a ride-sharing reform legislative package next week that seeks to alleviate traffic congestion, support drivers working in all sectors and improve the passenger experience across yellow taxis, green taxis and all for-hire-vehicles. 

Urge the City Council to vote yes on Intro 144, 634, 838 and 890 by signing this petition!

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