Ban the Horse Drawn trolley in Solvang

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Ban the Horse Drawn trolley in Solvang

Horses are not meant to work on blacktop and inhale car fumes for hours, especially during hot summer days. 

Horse trolley as entertainment is not a Danish Tradition but a Disneyland and cruelty business can bee is seen anywhere.

Solvang is a Danish tourist town which is why dated and senseless practices that come at the expense of sentient beings freedom and well being should be removed from the Solvang.

In Solvang, only 2  horses pull a huge trolley with filled nearly 28 adult tourists on the trolley, all for entertainment. They do not need to do so at all because the Solvang has so many other great forms of entertainment that do not exploit or use sentient beings.

Solvang as a tourist town gets countless kids that visit the Solvang daily and by them having the horse-drawn trolleys they are teaching showing especially kids that the use of sentient beings is essential or acceptable and fun. Riding the horse trolley called fun, but where is the fun for those horses?

Regardless of the conditions that the horses live in, regardless of the treatment, they are still being objectified and viewed as a means of transportation which is totally not essential in modern society. Many cities in Northern in America even in 3rd world countries already banned horse trolleys and carriages.

The objectification opens doors for other forms of abuse which is why there are unfortunate events that occur to horses at other establishments that use horses for human entertainment. Solvang can set an example to others by removing the horse-drawn trolleys. Removing the horse-drawn trolleys from the Solvang would not harm anyone and as stated prior there are still several forms of entertainment the Solvang has to offer that do not exploit sentient beings.

Many cities are banning horse carriages, trolleys :
Because horses are not meant to work on blacktop and inhale car fumes for hours, especially during hot summer days. The horse carriages will be absent from the streets in Chicago starting next year after the City Council on Friday voted to ban horse-drawn carriages.

Also, a handful of other cities that have already banned horse-drawn carriages, trolleys including Salt Lake City; Biloxi, Miss.; Camden, N.J., as well as Key West, Palm Beach, Pompano Beach and Treasure Island, Fla., according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals known as PETA. In Montreal, horse-drawn carriages were prohibited starting on Jan. 1, 2020.

What is done is not in the best interest of the horses. The horses do not need to be bred into existence to be treated like slaves or to be used as a form of transportation. It is not essential at all.

Many cities started using engine powered trolleys. Those engine powered trucks or buses or cars do not use or exploit anyone. There is a driver who willingly chooses to do the job and gets paid for it. Humans can consent to a job, non human animals cannot. They are forced and it is all they have been taught.

The question is when Solvang is going to do that? How long can we continue to allow horses to be abused just because tourists love it! Horse trolley as entertainment is not a Danish Tradition but a cruelty business!

It’s the 21st century! We should not be using sentient beings to pull weight! We have now electric vehicles.

Source: PETA