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As concerned citizens we are fighting to stop a development in Fourways. It is deemed impractical and an inappropriate development of 13 clusters on a sliver of land that is 25m wide which still needs a road and servitude for sewer, electricity and other services. Not only are the green areas in Fourways disappearing fast but it is the only home to the most Southerly population of the Lesser Bushbabies. 

I need to create public awareness for our plight. I would like to name and shame the town planner who said in the tribunal meeting that “I know the bushbabies will die but that is just how it works”. The same consultant who says “saving client money and minimal land or service contributions is his only obligation to his client in saving money”. I also want to name and shame the Developer which has huge money behind them as well as the City Council of Johannesburg and the officials that support such developments.

I also need to tag Biodiversity, Town Council and Tribunal Committee members to apply their minds and make a decision which will be not for human greed but to protect those who cannot speak for themselves. 

“It would be a huge shame on us to allow this green belt which supports so much indigenous wildlife, including this only Johannesburg Bushbaby population, to be destroyed” Alexander Frost Chairperson : Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation 

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THE LOCATION: The Intersection of Stonebridge & Waterford Drive - Fourways / Craighavon

I need 75,000 signatures to help us reach our goal in protecting the bushbabies!

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